Message From the President

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Dear Friends,
We have embarked on a mission to do something impactful for the After School Assistance Program in our community and we are in full swing!

ASAP has long provided a place for kids to learn and grow. On any given day, you can walk in the doors and find children engaged in structured activities that enhance their learning. You will always find caring mentors trying to show an alternate avenue of choices to follow in their lives. When their grades and conduct are good, they are rewarded with a variety of opportunities that enrich their lives…most are opportunities they would most likely never get in their lifetime. Boat trips to Shell Island, Atlanta and the Kennedy Space Center and Orlando are just to name a few. Without ASAP, most of these children would be left without any supervision or attention and we fear, would start in a cycle that is nearly impossible to reverse.

So, we started One Positive Place and the ASAP Capital Campaign, to provide a consistent and dependable flow of income for the future of the After School Assistance Program so that the dedicated staff and volunteers can concentrate their efforts on growth, development and expansion of the program. In a nutshell, we want to impact as many children in the area by providing them a new, larger space and to STOP turning kids away due to lack of space! The new ASAP facility will be an asset to hundreds of families in our community and a source of hope and opportunity for the next generation. “If you build it, they will come” merely touches the surface of our goal because the kids are already there knocking on the door!

We are building charitable resources through thoughtful giving that will sustain the program for future years. One Positive Place continues to look forward to working with the community to ensure both the success of the campaign and the ASAP program. We are so thankful that this program exists in our community, as it truly positively impacts the lives of children that need it most.

To us, every child matters and ASAP focuses on fostering a sense of family where these children are not left to fend for themselves. We encourage everyone to become involved in some way with the program or the campaign.

Thank you to all of the sponsors, volunteers, mentors, and board/committee members that have made this endeavor part of their lives. We appreciate you! Although, we would venture to say that the ASAP children, past, present and future, thank you most!

Gratefully yours,
Kelly Forehand